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War machine (description)
Adam, Jones, Hailey, Eva and ZAM are inside the factory hoping to reunite with their team. But one argument shows what kind of a person Jones has transformed into.

ZAM:... wow this place is huge

Adam: And you're guarding the ship till we clear a way through. We don't have too much time left, this room then the whole factory will be flooded.

Hailey: hmm we better move fast

Eva: Yeah, I wonder how's skull doing in there?

Jones: Don't know but he's still alive, cause that's skull for you.

Hailey: I really want to meet your squad now

Adam: you'll see em

Jones: hope they don't pull their triggers on me.

5 minutes later on a bridge

Adam: *hearing echoes and screams* this place is really starting to creep me out 😟

Jones: You tell me..

Hailey: what are we up against besides Allero?

Jones: Don't know, don't care, only care about surviving and destroying that hellish nightmare of a robot. 😠

Hailey: 😨.. Ok, didn't think it would upset you 😞

Jones: When did you start caring about me? 😠

Hailey: 😨?

Jones: do you even know what I am? Besides a cyborg? 😟

Hailey: Something dangerous

Jones: Correct, and why bother communicating to a war machine? I've got nothing better to do in my life, except getting kidnapped by someone who doesn't know their own enemy! 😠

Adam: *steps in* that's enough!

Jones: she started this whole thing in the first place with all of us!


Jones: 😕 *silent* what would you expect, Allero goes crazy if being taken advantage of, that he sends signals out to relative droids to destroy everything and go back to where they were being built to hack him there! 😠 Then you rebuilt him to be stronger than he originally was!

Hailey: I'm sorry.. No, I'm a horrible leader for my people, they're gone because of me 😢 *walks past*

Eva: you are right, she didn't know her enemy, but now I feel that we don't know the Allie either. 😠 *walks past*

Adam: *walking off* you've changed a lot after you were taken from girlfriend haven't you?

Jones: I'm not the same guy I was, I'm a war machine Adam, I have no friends or respect, I kill and move on with my life, you know that *keeps walking*

Adam: 😑 *keeps walking* you were so much more back then.

Later at the ship

ZAM: *sleeping inside*

Pilot: hey buddy, they need your help now.

ZAM: very well, bring the ship closer, we need a closer exit if this place falls apart.,

Pilot: understood *brings the ship right next to the mini unit*

ZAM: *gets out* I'm nervous about this, guys *fades off into the distance with everyone else*
Eternal Tar Treatment (Description)
Hell is officially a near human body with Tar surrounding his sounding his body. Know one knows he's a Tar driven demon cyborg yet, you'll soon see who he really is.

Hell: How close are they?

Allero: They found the assembly line

Hell: No, that's where my tar machine is, they won't hurt it right?! 😟

Allero: No they won't

Hell: Good, that tar is being depressed as I speak, the primitive kind of that tar nearly destroyed me once, which is why this new tar being pumped from this pipe into me as I speak is not going to be super sticky, but only hardens on the outside of my shell, which is what I need so I could complete the rest of my real body.

Allero: Tar? Annnd?

Hell: Subjects! Have you been listening?!- Oh wait, I never told you or Gordon. Those subjects I was telling you about get selected randomly to test out the new genetically modified tar liquids in their bodies. We're confident that we got it working this time, and as for the thickness, its not thick right?

Allero: The last I checked, feels like water

Hell: Good, once its inside your body, it burns around you, like fresh tar solidifying. This experiment better work. These captured subjects better pass the test, or they die off like subject zero and M-75.

*in a cell*

????: M-75... That's what they bcalled you? *echoes*

????: Everyone must've thought you were dead back then. 😞

????: Its dark in this place, too dark to see, aren't you scared?

????: You're never going to respond are yo- *hears a loud bang* what was that?!

*everyone in their cells awaken*

M-75: That's our freedom.. And an old friend.
since no one has ever designed a fighting game on scratch with CPU AI that moves by itself, I'm gonna try to accomplish doing that.


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Sewer Medic
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United States
I love PS2 and GameCube games alike, I'm a Nintendo/Sega Nerd, I love PlayStations obviously, and the Sega Dreamcast, I'd love to have a gaming channel featuring holiday events and an extra vlogging channel to myself for videos of myself IRL doing fun things, ranting about bad things and being apart of the TF2 community, PC gaming NOW is my specialty, and I wish I had a Nintendo NX, or a PS4 so I can play online games and not be left out, and I hope to make animations for certain games I'd play.

:iconenders-vibes: (I think I spelled it rong)
Sorry if your not on this, but if you're always around my profile as a friend, I hope you'll understand, plus I forget usernames a lot (please forgive me.)


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Hey do you wanna do an rp where the Revenge Team meets DT? Also can DT join them?
Drunkenstien Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

And yes he can join them.
ST4R-B0Y Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Sooo lets just start it out that the team go to his dimension and find his base (fortified barn) and are spying on him
Drunkenstien Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

*entire team ends up in another dimension*

Scarlet: I knew we shouldn't have stayed over that part of the ocean

Skull: calm down, we always make it back

Shock: Hmm.. *sees DT from a distance entering a fortified barn* Gavin?... Why does he look so badass all of a sudden?

Adam V2: I don't know, but wheres there's Gavin, there will be answers... I think

CR: maybe, that's still my husband's friend in there I hope. *walks over*

Shock: *walking over to a distant tree far away* (here goes nothing)

Viktoria: *Recording CR's microphone* now we wait.
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I've been doin, Ok.

Also, I'm officially doom to suffer in Wisconsin now, due to Bipolar weather 😂
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